Cheetah Stripes

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This is a sports store where you can buy all of your sport related clothes and equipment.

Balls and Equipment:

Footballs – 10 Bits
Basketballs – 10 Bits
Tennis Balls – 8 Bits
Ping Pong Balls – 5 Bits
Rugby Balls – 10 Bits
Golf Balls – 8 Bits
Hockey Balls – 8 Bits
Netball Balls – 11 Bits
Volleyball Balls – 11 Bits
Water Polo Balls – 15 Bits



11 thoughts on “Cheetah Stripes

Add yours

  1. Footballs x1
    Basketballs x1
    Tennis Balls x2
    Ping Pong Balls x3
    Rugby Balls x1
    Golf Balls x3
    Hockey Balls x4
    Netball Balls x1
    Volleyball Balls x1
    Water Polo Balls x3

    Soz for the longish order



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