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Retrieving Allie and Alex

This was from ages ago. Me: Ethan, Evie, I'm going to pick up Allie and Alex! Ethan: Okay, I'll be in my room. Evie: I'll be baking some cupcakes with the chef! Auntie Coralie let me. Me: Okay, careful though! (At LAC) Katie: Hi, Star! Allie and Alex are just getting their suitcases and bags. Me:... Continue Reading →

Pet Shop

The shop will be being in a new pet every time people buy or if none is bought in 3 weeks a new one will be put in These are the pets on offer just now: Catherine (23/04) is a 9 year old Abyssinian cat Catherine loves kids and is a really good family pet!She... Continue Reading →

Terrific Paradise

Welcome to Terrific Paradise. For the next two months the shows on offer will be -Lion King -Wicked -Matilda -Mamma Mia -Addams Family In two months is: -Wicked -Mamma Mia -Matilda -(new)Charlie and the chocolate factory Special of this month ~The Addams Family~ 50 bits for adults (16+) 30 bits for children between 6-16 25... Continue Reading →

A New Chapter

Our local library, A New Chapter, is run by me.  To join this library, please fill the form out: Name: Age: DOB: Gender: Other: After you have done this, I will give you a special code and you can then borrow a book that you want. If you want home delivery, please inform where you... Continue Reading →

Red Class – Year 2

I am Miss Coral and I teach Red Class in Year 2. Pupils: Zac ~ Timetable ~ Monday 09:00-09:30: Registration and Assembly 09:30-10:30: English 10:30-10:50: Break 10:50-11:50: Maths 11:50-12:50: Lunch 12:50-13:50: Science 13:50-14:50: History 14:50-15:00: Pack Away 15:00: Go home Tuesday 09:00-09:30: Registration 09:30-10:30: English 10:30-10:50: Break 10:50-11:50: Maths 11:50-12:50: Lunch 12:50-13:50: Reading 13:50-14:50: ICT 14:50-15:00: Pack Away 15:00: Go... Continue Reading →

Cheveux Velvet

Cheveux Velvet is a makeup and beauty salon where you can keep up with the latest trends. Curl it, snip it and make it.  Opening on 22 April 2017, Cheveux Velvet & Diamond Spa offers first class beauty & spa services in a luxurious setting at the newly refurbished Sunny Cottage Resort. We are located at... Continue Reading →

Day out with Aidan (LAC) (From Yesterday)

*I'm in the living room getting my coat on and checking my phone and Kasey walks in, bouncing a basketball* Me: Kasey, what have I said about the basketball in the house? Kasey: *putting the basketball down and sighing* "Not in the living room, kitchen, or upstairs", that's what you said. Me: Listen, you know... Continue Reading →

Moving House

Mia: Mum, where's Elena and Willow? I thought they were coming, now. Me: Yes, they are. I'm picking them up at three. Zac: Cool! When are we moving house? Me: Hopefully, tomorrow since we're getting all of your furniture tomorrow! Mia: Awesome! Me: So, guys. Can you start packing your bags please? We've bought some... Continue Reading →

Moving day- Monday

~Morning~ I wake up around 9:30am and start to pack our suitcases,I get out a pink petticoat type tutu and a grey background and pink butterfly top with gold detailing on the butterfly for Poppy and a pink skater skirts,white sleeveless top and lighter pink than the skirt, fluffy cardigan for me. I then put... Continue Reading →

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