Day Out with Elena and Willow

Zac: Mum, when are you going?

Me: I’m going now, why?

Mia: No reason..

Me: Spill it!

Zac: We’re having a race outside to see who can run the fastest and Zac’s gonna give me £10 cos he’s gonna lose!

Zac: Am not!

Mia: Are too!

Zac: Am not!

Mia: Am too!

Me: Zip it, both of you. Anyway, I’m going to Citrus so I’ll take you out at night!

Mia: Awesome!

Zac: Bril!

(I get to LAC)

Me: Hi, Ellie! Are Willow and Elena ready?

Ellie: Yeah, Katie’s choosing their outfit.

Me: Aw, they look so cute.

Elena: No, I don’t. It’s pink.

Willow: It’s so pretty.

Katie: Yes, now go have fun! Coralie, please be back by 7?

Me: Okay.

(We go to Citrus)

Me: Hi, Star. Can we order some stuff?

Star: Sure. What can I get you?

Elena: Can I please have a hot dog with fries, chocolate cake with ice-cream and milkshake please?

Willow: Can I just have a milkshake, spaghetti and chocolate cake?

Me: Sure, I’ll have some chicken soup please.

Star: Be right back.

Me: Thanks.

Elena: When can we see Mia and Zac?

Willow: Yeah, and when can we have our rooms?

Me: When we have our sleepover. Which is tomorrow!

E&W: Awesome!

Star: Dig in! That is 35 Bits please.

Me: Here you go.

Star: Thank you.

(After we finish eating and talk some more)

Me: You need to get back now. It’s almost 7.

E&W: Aww. This was so fun!

Me: Girls, I’ll see you tomorrow.

E&w: I can’t wait!

(At LAC)

Ellie: Hhi girls! Did you have fun?

Elena: Yeah, we went to a restaurant and we had milkshakes and it was so tast!

Willow: It was so fun!

Katie: Bye, Coralie! See you tomorrow!

(At home)

Me: Who won the race?

Zac: We couldn’t. It was too tiring.

Mia: I won!

Zac: Yeah, because me and Bubble were too tired.

Mia: Sure, whatever.

Me: Let’s go to my takeaway instead.

Mia: Okay,  come on!

Zac: Come on, Bubble.



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  1. Coralie
    Could you look after Poppy for me at any point today because I need to finish her room and the play room ect and I know she won’t stay in one place and we try and peek. She’s only 4 but she plays really well with older children too



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