Allie and Alex Final Review

(At LAC) Katie: Hi, guys. I need to talk to you for something. Allie: Sure. Katie: What do you like about Star? Alex: She’s really cool and fun. Katie: (types on the computer) Okay, how about, what’s the worst thing about Star? Allie: She has got Evie and Ethan so she might not have enough time for... Continue Reading →


Final Review with Elena and Willow

(At LAC) Katie: Hi, girls. I need to talk to you for something. Elena: Sure. Katie: What do you like about Coralie? Willow: She's really nice and caring. Katie: (types on the computer) Okay, how about, what’s the worst thing about Coralie? Elena: She has got Mia and Zac so she might not have enough time... Continue Reading →

Willow and Elena’s Sleepover

Me: Guys, we're ordering pizza after so make sure you're ready for the sleepover please. Zac: Yeah, I can't wait. We'll have an indoor sleepover thing. Mia: I'm going to do Willow and Elena's hair. Me: Make sure you've got the sleeping bags ready please. Mia and Zac: Sure. (At LAC) Ellie: Hi, Coralie! Elena... Continue Reading →

Rosie’s Swimming pool party

Rosie my child is 3 today.I'm hosting a swmiming party for her.It will be on the 22nd of April 10.30 am -1.00pm with a lunch break to Citrus. It will be free as I own wet n wild.All you need to bring is : A Swimming Costume A present (if you want to) The form... Continue Reading →

Allie and Alex’s sleepover

Me: You two behave whilst I get Allie and Alex. Evie: Okay mum. Ethan:Does Alex like pranks like me? Me:Yeah he does. (back from LAC) A&A: Hi Evie Hi Ethan Ethan:You two both are in wheelchairs.Do you want a ride in the lift Alex? Alex: Sure! Cool! Evie: Do you like basketball Allie? Allie: Of... Continue Reading →


I forgot to post this when I made it 😂 *Getting into the car after dropping off a lot of things at our house* Me: Come on sweetheart! In you jump! Poppy: Ok mammy! When do we live here? Me: *As I buckle her in*Well, some special people are coming here tonight and tomorrow morning... Continue Reading →

Play Date

@meganshelby08, Mia would like to invite Kasey to her play date on Wednesday 19th April 2017. There will be food and games to play. It will start at 2:00 and finish at around 5:00 pm. I live at 9 Moonlight Avenue. Please notify me if there are any disabilities or allergies within your child. There... Continue Reading →

Wet n Wild(swimming pool)

This is Lamaria's very own swimming pool.On Rose Boulevard the end house number 14. Inside we have one little toddler pool which has a mini slide for smaller less confident swimmers.If you walk to the left of that you come to the big pool their there is a boat which has cannons that spray water... Continue Reading →

Day Out with Allie and Alex

Me: Are those two ready? I can't wait to have our day out? Ellie: Yup, Allie and Alex are all ready for you. Make sure they're back by seven though. Allie: Are we going shopping or to your restaurant? Alex: I'm super hungry Star. Me: Where do you want to go? A&A: Both! Me: Well... Continue Reading →

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