Retrieving Allie and Alex

This was from ages ago.

Me: Ethan, Evie, I’m going to pick up Allie and Alex!
Ethan: Okay, I’ll be in my room.
Evie: I’ll be baking some cupcakes with the chef! Auntie Coralie let me.
Me: Okay, careful though!

(At LAC)

Katie: Hi, Star! Allie and Alex are just getting their suitcases and bags.
Me: Okay, I’ll just wait here for now.
Allie: We’re here!
Alex: Hey, Mum?
Me: Hi, Alex. Yes you can call me mum.
Katie: Bye, Allie and Alex! See you next time!
A&A: Bye, Katie! See you later!

(Heading back)

Me: We have to stay at the hotel for now, so let me check you in and go up to see Ethan. Hey, Allie, Evie’s in the kitchen! Be careful please!
A&A: Okay.
Me: I’ll be taking all these bags upstairs. I’ll be there in a minute.

(At the apartment)

Allie:The cupcakes are ready!
Ethan: CUPCAKES! Do they have icing, Allie?
Evie: Sure do!
Alex: When are we moving to the house?
Me: Tomorrow morning, why?
Allie: He wants the best room.
Me: Sure.


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