Pet Shop

The shop will be being in a new pet every time people buy or if none is bought in 3 weeks a new one will be put in

These are the pets on offer just now:

Catherine (23/04) is a 9 year old Abyssinian cat Catherine loves kids and is a really good family pet!She is full of mischief and energy and loves to hide-50 bits

Matt (09/12) is an 11 year old Jack Russell Terrier.Matt needs at least 3 walks a day for about 30 minutes and loves being outside.Matt is scared of water and will try and do a runner if he sees water,does not get on well with cats-60 bits

Alya (14/09) is a 3 year old Budgie.Alya likes being handled but might peck if she is scared-20 bits

Charlie (19/01) is a 7 year Arabian Horse.Charlie eats hay and grass normally and loves jumping hurdles.As a treat Charlie adores carrots-130 bits

Bianca (05/06) is a 14 year old Mini Lop Rabbit.Bianca can be a house rabbit if you want but would prefer to be outside where Bianca can run about.Loves bouncing about-40 bits

Miles (08/11) is a 9 year old goldfish.He loves swimming round in circles and would prefer a big circle tank-20 bits

Eva and Lauren (11/12) are 6 year old twin Beagles.They do not like separated,one goes somewhere the other likes to come as well.
Lauren dominates there love.Lauren is very active and loves playing fetch,Eva likes sleeping but adores his walks-100 bits


🐶Dog food
🐱Cat food
🐟Fish food


Hamster house
Bunny cage(inside)
Bunny cage (outside)
Budgie cage
Other stuff


Cats-litter tray,travel box

Hamsters-ball,saw dust

If there is anything else just say and I will price it

Made by Hannah


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