Moving House

Mia: Mum, where’s Elena and Willow? I thought they were coming, now.
Me: Yes, they are. I’m picking them up at three.
Zac: Cool! When are we moving house?
Me: Hopefully, tomorrow since we’re getting all of your furniture tomorrow!
Mia: Awesome!
Me: So, guys. Can you start packing your bags please? We’ve bought some suitcases from Aurora Couture so you can just fill those.
Zac: Ugh! This will take ages! I really want a laptop or something.
Mia: I heard Kasey say that her mum was opening a tech shop soon.
Me: Yeah, I think Auntie Megan is. But, for now, pack your stuff.
Mia: Okay, then can I go to the park? I want to practise my kick-ups.
Me: Sure, but first, you need to..
Mia and Zac: Pack up all of our stuff! Okay.
Me: Yes, thank you.


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