Moving day- Monday

I wake up around 9:30am and start to pack our suitcases,I get out a pink petticoat type tutu and a grey background and pink butterfly top with gold detailing on the butterfly for Poppy and a pink skater skirts,white sleeveless top and lighter pink than the skirt, fluffy cardigan for me. I then put our suitcases next to the door and pack out toiletries obviously leaving out what we’d need to get ready that day. I then packed up Poppy’s toys that she has gotten while we were staying at the hotel. I then order us pancakes,syrup,chocolate spread, squirty cream and sprinkles for breakfast and I also order 2 fruit bowls with all types of melon, strawberries and grapes and some apple juice.
Me: *waking Poppy up and stroking her hair that’s spread out on the pillow* *gently saying* Sweetie. Time to wake up, I’ve ordered breakfast, it’ll be here soon
Poppy: *stretches and yawns* *softly* Morning mammy. What are we having for breakfast *now is sitting up*
Me: *kisses her forehead* I’ve ordered us pancakes and toppings, fruit salads and apple juice
Poppy: Yummy! Can I ask you something Mammy?
Me: Yes,I thought we could have a little treat, we have a big day ahead of us. Yes of course sweetie pie
Poppy: How come we have fruit with salad? Isn’t salad vegetables?
Me: *Laughs* We don’t have fruit with salad! Yes salad is vegetables, it’s only called fruit salad because there’s more than 1 type of fruit
Poppy: *laughs* oh,sorry!
Me: It’s ok! *noise in the dumb waiter* I think our breakfast is here!
Poppy: Ooo! *she hops out of bed,puts her dressing how and slippers on and goes to the small table in the room and sits down there ready*
Me: *Puts on my slippers and dressing gown and goes to the dumb waiter and I pull out a basket* It’s here! *I set everything out on the table and we eat our breakfast*
30 minutes later
Me: Are you finished sweets?
Poppy: Yes!
Me: Good girl now,go into the bathroom room and we’ll brush your teeth
Poppy: Ok
Me: Good girl *I clean everything up and put it back into the basket and the basket into the dumb waiter and then I go into the bathroom and I brush Poppy and my teeth* What do you want your hair in today? A braid?
Poppy: Yes please Mammy!
Me: Ok, we need to brush your hair *I brush her hair then spray it with water to braid her hair easier* All done!
Poppy: Do I look like Elsa?
Me: Yes! *I hug her*. Come on,I’ve got your outfit all picked out,you’re going to look so cute
Poppy: Is it a tutu?
Me: Yes! Come on *I hold my hand out and she holds it and skips next to me to the bedroom,to her and my outfits
Poppy: I LOVE it! Your skirt nearly matches!
Me: Yes,come on let’s get dressed,we need to go to Aurora Couture to collect your new clothes before we go to the new house
Poppy: Ooo! I can’t wait to see my room *She jumps up and down in excitement*
Me: I can’t wait to live there! It’s beautiful! The garden isn’t ready buts that’s not a problem, we can do that this week
Poppy: Mammy when do I start school?
Me: Next week
Poppy: Oh..
Me: Are you excited?
Poppy: A little..
Me: It’s ok sweetie, don’t be nervous, it’ll be fine. You’ll have lots of fun!
Poppy: What will I do?
Me: You’ll learn lots of new things and you will play and make new friends!
Poppy: Am I going to have sisters or brothers?
Me: Yes but not yet, you’re enough for now
Poppy: Ok
Me: Come on let’s get dressed *I get her dressed* Oh my! You are a cutie in that! *She smiles* Stay there, let me get a photo *I grab my phone and tell her to do some poses and take some pictures of her* I’ll print those out and those are going on the wall *she smiles* What movie do you want to watch while I get dressed?
Poppy: FROZEN!
Me: Again for the 100th time?
Poppy: Yes!
Me: Ok *I put Frozen on and then get dressed, gently curl my hair and then I pack everything that we used today up and put the bags next to the door with the rest I then put Frozen back in its box and pack that while Poppy chooses some gold sparkly shoes to wear then runs around* Come on monkey! You carry this bag for me *I give her, her suitcase*
Poppy: Ok *she wheels it behind me and we go downstairs,check out and drive to Aurora Couture*
~ At Aurora Couture ~
Me: Hey Star!
Star: Hello are you here for your order?
Poppy: Yes!
Star: Oh hello, you! These will look gorgeous on her Katie
Me: Ah yes!
Star: Here you go! *Hands a big box over*
Me: Thanks! Bye!
Star: Bye!
~ At the new house ~
Me: *As I pull into our drive* And we’re here!
Poppy: Yay!
Me: Welcome home sweetheart!
Poppy: I can’t wait to see my room!
Me: I think you’ll LOVE it. We’ll leave everything in here and I’ll show you everything then I’ll get everything out. I just want to say, there’s not much in your wardrobe but we’ll go shopping soon out of Lamaria to get you more
Poppy: That’s ok. Can we go in now?
Me: Yes come on then *I unlock the door and let her open it*
Poppy: Ooo!
Me: Ok, so you need to hang your coat here and out your shoes here *points to the right places and then I do the same* What do you want to see first? Your bedroom or the playroom,school room and chill room?
Poppy: My bedroom!
Me: I thought you’d want to see that first! Come on, the stairs are just here *we go to her room* You can open the door
Poppy: Ok *she opens the door quickly* WOWW! I LOVE IT! *she squeals and runs around looking everywhere! I LOVE this bedding *points to her bedding. It’s 2 sided, on the side showing is the unicorn pattern. It has purple,lilac,light pink and dark pink unicorns and lilac and light pink stars and on the other side it has lilac with white polka dots and dark pink with white polka dots stripes. The pillow case matches the unicorn pattern side and her sheets are lilac. She also has a unicorn cushion and a light pink fleecy blanket with gold, foil unicorns on one side and white fluff on the other*
Me: I knew when I saw this you’d love it
Poppy: *she turns around and sees her walk in wardrobe, her jaw drops* OH. MY GOODNESS *she runs to the door, opens it and walks in. I follow her* WOW! I LOVE it Mammy! Thank you! *she runs up and hugs me*
Me: *I hug back* It’s ok sweetie. Since we have the playroom you wouldn’t have many toys in here so I put a walk in wardrobe for you
Poppy: What toys would I have in my room?
Me: Special toys that you want to keep nice and you only toys. In the play room will be shared toys
Poppy: Oh. Ok
Me: Like birthday or Easter presents for example
Poppy: Oh, I get it now
Me: I also was going to get a book case for you but it hasn’t come yet
Poppy: Ok, can I see the playroom and Chill room and School room now?
Me: Yep, those are on the bottom floor. *We go down to the basement* School,play or Chill room first?
Poppy: Play room!
Me: Ok, follow me *She goes into the room*
Poppy: Wow! So many toys!
Me: There’s not that many toys in here
Poppy: School room next?!
Me: Yep! Next room
Poppy: Wow! All this for me?!
Me: Yes, you are going to big girl school soon aren’t you?
Poppy: Yes! Can I draw a picture with my pencils?
Me: Yes but I think you should see the next room
Poppy: Ok!
Me: This room will be more fun when you get a sister because you can play on this together
Poppy: I like it!
Me: Good! What do you want to do first?
Poppy: Draw a picture!
Me: Ok, I’ll just be upstairs getting everything out of the car and where they’re meant to be
Poppy: Ok
40 minutes later, I come downstairs to see Poppy
Me: Hey princess! Are you finished your picture?
Poppy: Nearly
Me: Ok, you might have to save that for later because we need some tea. I thought because we’ve had a busy day we could get a takeaway?
Poppy: Ooo, yes please!
Me: Come upstairs and you can choose (We end up sharing a cheese pizza)
~ After tea ~
Poppy: That was so yummy!
Me: Yep! I think we have time to watch a movie then it’s your bedtime
Poppy: Aww!
Me: Come on, pick a movie
Poppy: Zootropolis!
Me: Ok
We watch Zootropolis then I get her ready for bed,read her a story and go to bed myself


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