Day out with Aidan (LAC) (From Yesterday)

*I’m in the living room getting my coat on and checking my phone and Kasey walks in, bouncing a basketball*
Me: Kasey, what have I said about the basketball in the house?
Kasey: *putting the basketball down and sighing* “Not in the living room, kitchen, or upstairs”, that’s what you said.
Me: Listen, you know I’m busy right now, I need to convert the downstairs bedroom into a sports room for you and I need to convert one of the bedrooms into a games room, or an office, or both and-
Kasey: I know, I know, and you need to open the tech shop and you’re very busy but you’ll get round to it. I get it. *sighs* So, where you off to now?
Me: Going to LAC to pick up Aidan.
Kasey: Ohh, I see.. Can I come?
Me: Yeah I was about to ask, it’s about time you two get aquatinted. I think you’ll like him. Come on then, get your coat on.

*We drive down to LAC, and Kasey doesn’t say a word all the drive*

*At LAC*
Kasey: I’ll just wait here..
Me: You sure you don’t want to come inside?
Kasey: No, I’ll just wait here.
Me: Okay then..
*I walk into the centre, where Ellie and Aidan are waiting*
Aidan: Hey Megan!
Ellie: Nice to meet you *shakes my hand*
Me: *shakes back* You too. Hi Aidan.
Ellie: Right, he needs to be back by 7. Okay?
Me: Okay. Plenty of time. Let’s go!
*we leave the centre and go off to the car*
Me: Okay, so, Kasey’ll be joining us today, is that okay?
Aidan: Ummm.. yeah. It’ll be fine.
Me: Great! Okay then, come on.
*We get in the car and drive over to Citrus, and find our table*

Me: So.. Kasey’s Hispanic. Do you know any Spanish Aidan?
Aidan: Hm, not really, I don’t really pay attention in class.
Me: Oh… Okay.. uhh-
Kasey: So… do you like sports?..
Aidan: No. Hate ’em.
Kasey: Okaayy.. Uhh, how about Hockey?
Aidan: It’s a sport.
Kasey: Oh.. yeah.. uh..
Me: OH LOOK food’s here!
*the waiter puts down the food in front of us, a pepperoni pizza for me, a jacket potato with cheese for Aidan and a hot dog for Kasey*
Kasey: Se ve bien. So, Aidan, if you don’t like sports, what DO you spend your time doing?
Aidan: Oh, well, you know, programming, gaming, I’m hoping to build my own PC soon.
Kasey: *clearly disinterested* Oh, Guau.
Me: Kasey wants to be in the Olympics one day.
Aidan: Really? Cool! I don’t like sports, but I bet if you work hard enough then you can do it.
Kasey: Really?
Aidan: Yeah. I’m sure you’re great at stuff like hockey, and you’ll go on to do great things.
Kasey: Oh Dios mía, thank you. That’s so kind!
Aidan: No problem. Now, am I going to have to learn Spanish if I’m adopted?
Kasey: WHEN you’re adopted.
Me: If you don’t want to, then no, but if you do, then you can. No ones going to force you though.
Aidan: Guay.
Kasey: So you DO know a bit.
Aidan: Well after a year of Spanish at school, you pick a little bit up.
Me: Well look at that.

*we eat our meals and then return to LAC*
Kasey: See ya!
Aidan: Laters Amiga.
*I walk Aidan into the centre, say goodbye, and we leave*

Sorry this is a bit late but it wouldn’t be me without being late 👌.


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