Cheveux Velvet

Cheveux Velvet is a makeup and beauty salon where you can keep up with the latest trends. Curl it, snip it and make it. 

Opening on 22 April 2017, Cheveux Velvet & Diamond Spa offers first class beauty & spa services in a luxurious setting at the newly refurbished Sunny Cottage Resort. We are located at 11 Lavender Row. 

Our team of therapists will be on hand 7 days a week with late night appointments available Monday-Friday. Specialising in Elemis Face & Body treatments we shall also be offering Nail Services, Massage, Waxing and Hair Treatment. 

We have three beautiful treatment rooms including a double room alongside a dedicated nail bar. Booking will be available soon. To pre-book treatments please book with the forms down below. 

Opening Hours

Monday 9am – 7.30pm,
Tuesday 9am – 7.30pm,
Wednesday 9am – 7.30pm,
Thursday 9am – 7.30pm,
Friday 9am – 7.30pm,
Saturday 9am – 7.30pm,
Sunday 10:30am – 4:30pm.


Service Required (what do you want?):
Name of Children:
Number of Children:


6 thoughts on “Cheveux Velvet

Add yours

  1. Name: Star
    Service Required (what do you want?): Hair
    Name of Children: Allie, Evie
    Number of Children: 2
    Date: 22/04/2017
    Time: 4:00pm
    Other: Evie is in a wheelchair.


  2. Name: Katie
    Service Required (what do you want?): Hair trim
    Name of Children: Poppy
    Number of Children: 1
    Date: 22/04/17
    Time: 3pm
    Other: Poppy doesn’t really like the sound of hairdryers and gets a little freaked out by the noise



  3. Name:Hannah
    Service Required (what do you want?):Nails
    Name of Children:Hannah
    Number of Children:1
    Other:Isla would love a red or blue



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