Allie and Alex Final Review

(At LAC)

Katie: Hi, guys. I need to talk to you for something.
Allie: Sure.
Katie: What do you like about Star?
Alex: She’s really cool and fun.
Katie: (types on the computer) Okay, how about, what’s the worst thing about Star?
Allie: She has got Evie and Ethan so she might not have enough time for us.
Katie: (types on the computer). What are you most excited for?
Alex : Playing with Evie and Ethan.
Katie: And lastly, do you still want to be adopted by Star?
A&A: Definitely!
Katie: Thanks, guys. You can go now.

(Now with me)

Katie: Hi, Star. We need to ask a few questions before you can adopt Allie and Alex.
Me:  Sure.
Katie: Do you still want to adopt them?
Me: Of course.
Katie: Will you change their name?
Me: No, they both sound amazing.
Katie: How did they react to your other children?
Me: They did react positively since Ethan and Evie both are the same age as them so they were having fun.
Katie: Why do you want to adopt them?
Me: Because I wanted to give them a home and a proper family.
Katie: Do they have somewhere private and personal to them?
Me: Yes, they each have their own bedroom.
Katie: Do they have sources of entertainment?
Me: Yes, they have lots of games and a TV.
Katie: Will you be having family time? If so what would you be doing?
Me: Yes, we would go on mini trips and talk to each other.
Katie: And finally, will you be having 1 on 1 time? If so what would you be doing?
Me: We will be doing a short meeting time and I’ll speak to them both about their feelings and things like that, or if something is bothering them.
Katie: That’s all and I’ll get back to you later once I update these onto their file. Thanks!
Me: Sure, bye!


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  1. I am pleased to say you can/ have officially adopted Allie and Alex! Congratulations! What time will you picking them up tomorrow? If you need to arrange a different date please tell me and the time you’d be picking them up



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