Final Review with Elena and Willow

(At LAC)

Katie: Hi, girls. I need to talk to you for something.
Elena: Sure.
Katie: What do you like about Coralie?
Willow: She’s really nice and caring.
Katie: (types on the computer) Okay, how about, what’s the worst thing about Coralie?
Elena: She has got Mia and Zac so she might not have enough time for all of us.
Katie: (types on the computer). What are you most excited for?
Willow: Playing with them.
Katie: And lastly, do you still want to be adopted by Coralie?
E&W: Yes!
Katie: Thanks, girls. You can go play now.

(Now with me)

Katie: Hi, Coralie. We need to ask a few questions before you can adopt Elena and Willow.
Me: Sure.
Katie: Do you still want to adopt them?
Me: Of course.
Katie: Will you change their name?
Me: No, they both sound beautiful.
Katie: How did they react to your other children?
Me: They did react positively since Mia and Zac both loved them too and they were having fun.
Katie: Why do you want to adopt them?
Me: Because I wanted to give them a home and a proper family.
Katie: Do they have somewhere private and personal to them?
Me: Yes, they each have their own bedroom.
Katie: Do they have sources of entertainment?
Me: Yes, they have lots of toys and a TV.
Katie: Will you be having family time? If so what would you be doing?
Me: Yes, we would go on walks and play together.
Katie: And finally, will you be having 1 on 1 time? If so what would you be doing?
Me: We will be doing a short meeting time and I’ll speak to them both about their feelings and things like that.
Katie: That’s all and I’ll get back to you later once I update these onto their file. Thanks!
Me: Sure, bye!



5 thoughts on “Final Review with Elena and Willow

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  1. I’m pleased to announce that you can now and have officially adopted Willow and Elena! Congratulations!
    You can collect them tomorrow, please tell me what time you’ll be collecting them. If you need to arrange another date please tell me and what time you’d be picking them up



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