Willow and Elena’s Sleepover

Me: Guys, we’re ordering pizza after so make sure you’re ready for the sleepover please.
Zac: Yeah, I can’t wait. We’ll have an indoor sleepover thing.
Mia: I’m going to do Willow and Elena’s hair.
Me: Make sure you’ve got the sleeping bags ready please.
Mia and Zac: Sure.

(At LAC)

Ellie: Hi, Coralie! Elena and Willow are ready for their sleepover! They can’t wait!
Me: Hi, Ellie! Neither can Mia or Zac!
Elena: Hi Coralie. Or shall we call you Mum?
Me: You can call me whatever you want to.
Willow: I’m calling you Mum so we’ll get used to it.
Elena: Me too! I can’t wait!

(At my house)

Me: Here it is, girls.
Willow: Wow!
Elena: It’s so big!
Me: Next door to me, is Auntie Clara and here is Auntie Star’s house.
Elena: Do you have a big garden? I need to practise my footie if I want to get into the school’s football team when I get older!
Me: It’s big but it’s middle sized. Guys, what kind of pizza do you want? And what movie?
Elena: We like Chicken and pineapple pizza please.
Willow: And we absolutely love The Lion King.
Me: Okay, I’ll get the pizza and Mia will look after you.
Mia: Okay, Mum. Can you get an extra large one and I’ll be making popcorn.
Me: Don’t burn anything please.
Mia: We won’t.

(After I get the pizzas)

Mia: Here you go, this is salty popcorn, butter popcorn and sweet popcorn.
Me: Thanks, Mia.
Zac: Ugh. There’s no boys. I’m booooored!!!!
Mia: Stop it!
Elena: Can we play football tomorrow? Please?
Willow: I want to have a fashion show.
Mia: Yeah, we’ll do both!
Me: Guys, the movie’s starting now! Ssh!

(After we watch The Lion King)

Zac: Best Dasney movie ever! Simba was so awesome!
Me: Yeah, now go to sleep please.
Mia: Okay, I’ll put Willow and Elena to sleep, Mum. They’re so cute!
Willow: Mmm…nighty night.
Elena: Yeah, nighty night.
Me: Night, girlies.


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