Allie and Alex’s sleepover

Me: You two behave whilst I get Allie and Alex.

Evie: Okay mum.

Ethan:Does Alex like pranks like me?

Me:Yeah he does.

(back from LAC)

A&A: Hi Evie Hi Ethan

Ethan:You two both are in wheelchairs.Do you want a ride in the lift Alex?

Alex: Sure! Cool!

Evie: Do you like basketball Allie?

Allie: Of coarse I do!

Evie:Let’s go then!

Me:Dinner will be served in an hour!

Children: Okay !

(after an hour)

Evie: I can smell Jacket Potatoes!

E&E: Delicious We love Jacket Potatoes!

Ethan:Could we watch a movie later mum?

Me:Of course What do you want to watch?

Everyone: The city of ember.

Me:Sure let me update it.

(after the film)

A&A: I’m sleepy it’s 10:00 so it’s way past our bedtime!

Me: You can go to sleep just wear your PJS and I’ll show you to your rooms.

(After they get changed)

Ethan:Can Alex sleep with me mum?

Me: Would you like to Alex?

Alex: Of course I do!

Evie:Then can Allie sleep with me?

Me:Yeah if she wants to!



(in the morning)

Me: You guys.What do you want to eat? Waffles or toast?

Everyone: Waffles!

A&A:These taste soo nice!

Me:When you move in you can eat them every weekend!

(after breakfast)

A&A: I was hoping we could stay forever!

Me: You will eventually!

(go back to LAC)

Ellie:How was it guys?

A&A:It was great






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