I forgot to post this when I made it 😂

*Getting into the car after dropping off a lot of things at our house*
Me: Come on sweetheart! In you jump!
Poppy: Ok mammy! When do we live here?
Me: *As I buckle her in*Well, some special people are coming here tonight and tomorrow morning and then Easter afternoon to do our house nice! They’ll be doing your room last because I know what you’re like trying to peek at things you’re not supposed to *She giggles*
Poppy: It’s hard to wait!
Me: I know! So tomorrow we’ll be going in the last little bit of the morning when the builders are there to make sure they’ve put everything like the toilet and the shower in the right place where I’ve asked them to put them and sort everything out where we want it in the kitchen,living room,dining room,my room and all of the bathrooms
Poppy: We’re going to be busy!
Me: I know! That’s why right now we’re going to go to my toy shop and you can pick a couple of things out!
Poppy: Yay!
Me: *I get into my seat*
Poppy: Can we listen to Moana?
Me: Yep,of course! * I put the Moana CD on and she sings along to all the songs until we arrive at my shop*
*At my shop*
Me: *As I open the shop*Ok,remember you can only get a couple of things,you will have more toys when we move into our house
Poppy: Ok *runs in,in amazement* Wow! So many toys!
Me: *laughs* yep! *I sort some things out for the shop and pick up 3 Disney DVDs; Moana,Frozen and Zootropolis*
5 minutes later
Poppy: *Comes running to me with and armful of toys* Can I get all of these?
Me: Pick 3 things
Poppy: *Sadly* Ok. Emm *thinks, she then put everything back apart from the hedgehog Sylvanian family,the Moana 20 piece puzzle and the Palace Pet’s Royal Castle Lego Set* These?
Me: Yes,good choice. Let’s go to the hotel
Poppy: Ok!
*We get to the hotel*
Poppy: I can’t wait to see our room
Me: Come on then! We’re going in the lift!
Poppy: Can I press the button?
Me: Yes, we’re on floor 3 so press the button with 3 on
Poppy: Ok *presses the button*
In our hotel room
Poppy: Wow! It’s so big!
Me: Yes! It is

For the rest of the night we have a movie night on the bed and watch Moana as Poppy chose and then went to bed and she fell straight asleep 


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