Meeting Elena and Willow at Lilly Adoption Centre

Me: Mia, Zac I’m going to the Adoption Centre! Look after yourself please. Bye

(I get there)

Me: Hi Katie! Are Elena and Willow ready?

Katie: Yeah, they’re in the meeting room now. (In the meeting room)

Elena: I’m showing Coralie my football.

Willow: I’m showing her my dollies and my Barbies.

Elena: She’s coming now. Look, shh!

Me: Hi, you must be Elena and you are Willow.

Willow: Um, yes.

Katie: I hope you have fun! I’ll see you later.

Elena: Hi, I’m Elena and I love football and sports and this is Willow. She likes to play with dolls and her Shopkits stuff.

Me: I love playing football and I love playing with my dolls and toys.

Willow: Really?

Me: Yeah, and my daughter Mia also loves playing football. Zac also loves playing with his toys like Lugo.

Elena: Mia is so nice to me! She also is like me.

Me: I can’t wait for both of you to move in.

Elena: That’d be awesome! Can we have our own rooms?

Willow: My room and everything would be pink.

Me: You can design it however you want.

Ellie: Tea time!

Elena: We need to go now. When are we next seeing you?

Willow: Yeah? I can’t wait.

Me: I’ll be seeing you tomorrow!

W&E: Bye!

Me: Bye!

Katie: Bye, Coralie. We’ll see you tomorrow.



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