Meeting Aidan at Lilly Adoption Centre

*I walk into the adoption centre, sign in, and am guided to meet Aidan*
Katie: So Megan this is Aidan, Aidan this is Megan.
Aidan: *distracted* Okay cool.
Katie: Aidan?
Aidan: I’m fine. *smiles briefly* I’m fine, okay?
Katie Okay, anyways, I’ll leave you to it. Have fun! *closes door*
*I stand there awkwardly for a second before speaking*
Me: Sooooo… Hey.
Aidan: Hey.
Me: Heyyyy.
Aidan: Well this is fun.
Me: Yup. *sees DS on the ground* Hm, whatcha playing?
Aidan: uhh.. Laigu’s Mansion 2.
Me: AHHH YOU’RE KIDDING! I love that game!
Aidan: Wait really?
Me: Yeah, I’ve completed it twice now, going on three.
Aidan: hm.. Do you know how to do level B-4?
Me: Ooooo, yeah, that’s one of the annoying ones, huh?
Aidan: Yeah, I’m just not sure where to go after I get to the top of the right tower.
Me: Ah, I see. Here, load it up, I’ll show you.
*He loads up the game and I show him how to get past the level*
Aidan: Yes, we got the key- wait, WHAT THE HELL?
*one of the ghosts takes the key it took us all level to get*
Me: *laughs* ooooh I forgot about that!
Aidan: Well then. I’ll have to play that later then.
*beep beep*
Me: What’s that?
Aidan: Katie and Ellie want me to get out more, you know, Vitamin D and stuff. That was my watch, I’ve set it that so every two hours I get off a game and go into the garden for a bit.
Me: That makes sense. Well, I suppose I should go then, you need some space to relax I suppose.
Aidan: Right then, cya!
*we part ways at the door and I sign out and leave*

Wow Megan did something on time for once wow.

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