Lilly adoption centre-this morning

Me: Everyone breakfast!
*From downstairs playroom to the kitchen*
Elena: No I want them!
Willow: I had them first!
Elena: But they’re my favourite!
Willow: Yeah but I said it was my turn!
Me: Girls! Girls! Girls! What’s this about
Chloe: *as she comes in* the hedgehog family,they’ve been arguing for 5 minutes already
Me: Thank you Chloe,grab some toast or get some cereal I need to talk to a few of you
Chloe: Ok
Me: Right girls if you can’t play nicely and share neither of you will get them
Elena: Willow,you play with them, I’ll play with them next time
Willow: Ok,thank you Elena *they hug*
Me: Good! Sit down and Chloe will help you get breakfast
W&E: Ok
*from the lift*
Allie: That was SO funny!
Alex: I know!
Me: Come on you 2 come and get some breakfast!
Me: Now where is Aidan? And Matthew? *I go to Aidan’s room and go in. He doesn’t notice me, he’s on the shared DS and doesn’t hear me. I tap him on the shoulder*
Aidan: AHHHHHH! Oh it’s only you Katie!
Me: Come on,breakfast time. I shouted 5 minutes ago
Aidan: After this game
Me: No come on, now
Aidan: Oh alright
Me: *I go into the garden* I thought you’d be here Matthew,how’d you get up so early?
Matthew: I don’t know,I woke up at 6:30
Me: 6:30!!!
Matthew: Yeah and then I read my football book until Ellie got up at 7 and she unlocked the door for me and I got changed
Me: Come on,in you come,breakfast
Matthew: I’m starving
Me: I’m not surprised,you’ve been playing football for 2 hours
After breakfast
Me: Matthew you can go
Matthew: Ok
Me: Not outside,go find something else to do,it’s freezing today
Matthew: Ok! *he goes to his room*
Me: Ok,everyone else stay
Alex: Why?!
Me: I’d like to tell you that you all are getting adopted
Everyone: Yay!/ Are they nice/ What are they like?/ Who are they?!
Me: Calm down. Aidan you’re getting adopted by Megan,Chloe by Hannah,Allie and Alex by Star and Willow and Elena by Coralie
Willow: Does she have other children?
Me: You’ll have to ask that today
Elena: Today!
Me: Yes. Chloe, you’ll meet Hannah on Tuesday and everyone else you’re meeting who’s adopting you today
Chloe: Aww!
Me: Don’t worry! You don’t have long to wait
*Everyone goes off chatting happily*


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