Aurora Couture

This shop is for all your clothes.

Girls and Boys


Dress (plain) (any colour) 9 bits
Dress (pattern) (choice of colour) 11 bits
Tights (choice of colour) 9 bits
Skirts (pattern) (choice of colour) 9 Bits
Leggings (choice of colour ) 7 bits
Tops(pattern)(choice of colour ) 10 bits
T-Shirts (pattern) (choice of colour) 8 Bits
Jeggings (pattern) (choice of colour) 7 Bits
Jeans (pattern) (choice of colour) 9 Bits
Trousers (pattern) (choice of colour) 11 Bits
Dungarees/Overalls (pattern) (colour) 12 Bits
Shorts (pattern) (COC) 9 Bits
Polo Shirt (pattern) (COC) 12 Bits
Socks (pattern) (COC) 3 Bits


Onesies (pattern) (COC) 13 Bits
Normal PJs (Pattern) (COC) 8 Bits
Nightrobes ( Pattern) (COC) 10 Bits
Night dresses (pattern) (COC) 11 Bits


Sneakers (pattern) (COC) 7 Bits
High heels (pattern) (COC) 12 Bits
Knee High Boots (pattern) (COC) 12 Bits
Slippers (pattern) (COC) 12 Bits
Sandals/flip flops (pattern) (COC) 11 Bits
Trainers (pattern) (COC) 15 Bits
Football Boots ( pattern) (COC) 15 Bits
Espadrilles (pattern) (COC) 45 Bits
Loafers (pattern) (COC) 35 Bits
Brogues (pattern) (COC) 26 Bits


Jackets and Coats

Zipped (pattern) (COC) 17 Bits
Buttoned (pattern) (COC) 19 Bits
Furry (pattern) (COC) 12 Bits
Leather (pattern) (COC) 15 Bits
Cotton (pattern) (COC) 19 Bits
Denim (pattern) 15 Bits


Headband (Pattern) (COC) 9 Bits
Hair Clips (pattern) (COC) 5 Bits 20 Chips
Bangles and bracelets(pattern) (COC) 8 Bits
Necklaces (pattern) (COC) 12 Bits
Earrings (pattern) (COC) 15 Bits
Sunglasses (pattern) (COC) 17 Bits
Watches (pattern) (COC) 25 Bits
Belts (pattern) (COC) 12 Bits
Summer hats (pattern) (COC) 16 Bits
Winter Hats (pattern) (COC) 16 Bits
Caps (pattern) (COC) 16 Bits
Scarves (pattern) (COC) 8 Bits
Umbrellas (pattern) (COC) 15 Bits


Backpacks (pattern) (COC) 15 Bits
Baguette (pattern) (COC) 17 Bits
Barrel (pattern) (COC) 10 Bits
Bowling Bag (pattern) (COC)  12 Bits
Bucket Bag (pattern) (COC) 15 Bits
Clutch (pattern) (COC) 16 Bits
Doctor’s (pattern) (COC) 11 Bits
Drawstring (pattern) (COC) 13 Bits
Fanny Pack (pattern) (COC) 8 Bits
Halfmoon (pattern) (COC) 14 Bits
Hobo (pattern) (COC) 15 Bits
Backpocket (pattern) (COC) 15 Bits
Messenger (pattern) (COC) 11 Bits
Minaudiere (pattern) (COC) 8 Bits
Pocketbook (pattern) (COC) 8 Bits
Muff (pattern) (COC) 13 Bits
Trapezoid (pattern) (COC) 16 Bits
Saddle Purse (pattern) (COC) 12 Bits
Satchel (pattern) (COC) 10 Bits
Small suitcase (pattern) (COC) 10 Bits
Medium suitcase (pattern) (COC) 15 Bits
Large Suitcase (pattern) (COC) 25 Bits
Pouch (pattern) (COC) 8 Bits


38 thoughts on “Aurora Couture

Add yours

      1. Just random colours

        There you go *hands over*

        I have left you a contact message so look on your emails


  1. Hey, here’s my small order. I’m going to collect it in a script
    1 light yellow dress (knee length)
    1 (black and white) stripy knee length dress with brown, skinny belt
    2 denim dungaree dresses (1 aluminous pink and 1 light navy blue with white spots
    1 skirt (Red with white polka dots)
    1 long sleeved top (navy with ‘Mammy’s little princess’ in Red writing with white polka dots,same as the skirt)
    Navy tights
    Navy leggings
    Light yellow shorts
    Pink waterproof coat with bunny ears
    3 zippy jackets (1 pink,1 light purple and 1 black)
    1 bunny onesie
    1 pair of princess pyjamas (princess castle pattern of pj bottoms and princess on top)
    1 pair of boots (light brown) (not knee high)
    5 pair of flat shoes (1 black,1 light yellow,1 pink,1 purple and 1 navy)
    3 headbands (1 pink,1 purple and 1 red with white polka dots)



  2. Hey, Star! I’ll be ordering a lot so you might want to get a calc.


    8 Dress (floral) (purple, pink)
    6 Tights (black and white)
    10 Leggings (white and black )
    1 Top (says No. 1)( red )
    1 Top (says Liverpool) (red)
    5 T-Shirts (plain) (white)
    4 Jeggings (floral at edges) (blue)
    10 Jeans (normal and 2 ripped) (blue)
    3 Trousers (normal) (black)
    4 Dungarees/Overalls (normal) (blue)
    6 Shorts (normal) (COC)
    Polo Shirt (pattern) (COC)


  3. The rest of my order
    1 Onesie With Leopard print
    1 purple Backpack with Leopard print
    1 Pair of slippers with Leopard print
    1 high heels with leopard print
    1 Heart hair clips
    1 Butterfly earing
    1 Heart sunglasses
    1 Medium suit case
    And that’s all


  4. Casual

    2 Dress (plain) (white)
    10 Dress (floral) (purple, white and pink)
    10 Tights (white and black)
    10 Skirts (floral) (pink)
    15 Leggings (white)
    30 Tops(aztec)
    20 T-Shirts (saying words)
    15 Jeggings (plain) (blue, white and black)
    30 Jeans (normal) (blue)
    5 Trousers (skinny) (white and black)
    15 Dungarees/Overalls (denim) (blue)
    15 Shorts (denim) (blue)
    30 Polo Shirt (normal) (white)
    50 Socks (normal) (black, white, pink purple and red)

    I’ll be back later.


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