At the Centre with Allie and Alex

(At my house)

Evie: Mum, where are you going?

Me: Evie, can you look after yourself? I’m going to meet Allie and Alex.

Evie: Sure. What about Ethan? He’s in the hotel room playing.

Me: Leave him for now. Make sure he doesn’t get into trouble please.

Evie: Sure. Bye! Have fun!

Me: Bye!

(At the centre)

Me: Hi Katie! Are the twins ready?

Alex: Of course we are!

Allie: We’re always ready.

Me: Fantastic.

Allie: How about you come inside?

Alex: There’s choccy biccies inside for you.

(In the meeting room)

Me: How are your feet, Alex?

Alex: They don’t really matter. But it’s kinda cool.

Allie: He thinks it has a super power for some reason.

Me: Evie loves using her wheelchair, she rolls down slopes really fast.

Alex: So do I!

Allie: I can’t wait to see Evie, I heard she like art.

Me: She does, she painted some of the bedroom that she wants. We still need to order the furniture.

Alex: Is Ethan okay? He likes pranks, just like me!

Me: He’s playing with some kind of goo. It’s disgusting.

Alex: Hmm, goo? Thanks, Ethan!

Allie: Stop!

Me: I hope you have fun, but I need to get going before Ethan goos the whole hotel room and Coralie will have my head!

A&A: Bye!

Ellie: Bye! See you tomorrow, Star.



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