Activity Page

On here we’ll be posting new challenges and competing in competitions and things like that.We can have mini sagas and have fun with quizzes about a certain franchise (Harry Potter)

We’ll be doing:

  • Riddles
  • Spot the Difference
  • Find the Mascot
  • Write a Story
  • Scrambled Words
  • Mazes

Saturday 15th April 2017 

Today, you can try two challenges:

A mini saga or scrambled words.

In the saga, write a story only with 100 words. The theme is: cats and bottles of perfume. Make sure it’s interesting and post it in the comments. The winner will be chosen by me. Please return it before 12am.

Here are your scrambled words:

  • Coabn
  • Kpccaue
  • cicraeme
  • Sgeg
  • Lnipec
  • Kabe
  • Ilan
  • Otbor
  • Ceaf
  • Esmuo



7 thoughts on “Activity Page

Add yours

      1. Anything, really. Don’t worry, i won’t copy all of it I just needed an idea. Speaking of this, do you have any connection with Cow? This would be really good for her. It is child appropriate.


  1. Here I see what I have:
    In order to run smoothly, That Whale Crew needs a few bits of rules. If you join in with the games you agree to the following:
    -We hold the weekly meet ups on Mondays on the That Whale Crew Chat Page. We do this on Fridays only.
    -Anyone can join! New members are told their Whale Crew nickname on Mondays, as well a reminder of all of the members
    You can have any nickname, as long as it isn’t taken and follows the pattern.
    -The games are all just for fun and there aren’t any prizes.
    -No one will be kicked out. You don’t even have to come to the meet ups! If you join in with the games, you are a member and will be given a That Whale Crew nickname. Every member recives a badgs and can purchase other merchandise from the TWC Merchandise Store

    1. Poem
    2. Emoji puzzler
    3. Gap fills
    4. True or false
    5. Quiz



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