A Day at Home

(At my hotel)

Mia: Mum, when are we going home? Like, a proper home?

Zac: Yeah, I mean this place does have sick TVs and awesome food but I want my own room.

Me: Guys, you know we’re waiting for our furniture. I need to order everything still. And we’ve got and addition to the family soon: Willow and Elena.

Mia: I love the name Elena, it’s so spanish! They’re so cute, too! She waved at me through the window.

Zac:  Like, the show Elena of Avalor? She’s so cool! And, Mum at the Pet Store are there any jaquins for offer? They’re so cool!

Me: Mia, did you give him any sweets?

Mia: He stole them from my shelf! Don’t blame me!

Me: Um, Zac stop it! You’re going to wake everyone up by ringing the lunch bell!

Zac: I thought it was a spy meeting activation thingy.

Mia: You watch too much K.C. Undercover.

Zac: No, I don’t! You do!

Mia: No, I don’t! You do! Mum he’s annoying me again!

Me: Stop it guys! Zac, go to bed please.

Mia: Yeah, it’s night time. I’m going too.

(After Zac falls asleep)

Me: Mia, I’m going out to go and get something from town okay? I’ll be right back. Watch Zac for me please.

(I go to Furniture Island)

Katie: Hi, Coralie! Here’s your football that you ordered!

Me: Here’s your bits. I’ll see you later when you come back to the hotel.

Katie: Bye!

(I get back)
Mia: Mum, he’s gone to sleep fully now.

Me: Well done, Mia. Here’s a pressie from me.

Mia: What is it?

(She opens the bag)

Me: It’s a footie, just like you asked.

Mia: Thanks, Mum. Can I play with it tomorrow? Can we go to the park?

Me: Yeah, sure. Just go to sleep now.





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