Spring Fountain Medical Centre and Hospital

At Spring Fountain, we have a range of hospitals can offer a wide range of services (a general hospital) or be specialised. These services include your typical GP surgery but also a range of other services such as out-of-hours or mobile doctor services, walk-in centres, minor injury units or urgent care centres.  A checkup should be annual and made sure that there are no further disabilities within the child’s body. If there are any severe injuries the child will be transferred immediately to the hospital.

Walk-in centres

  • Usually managed by a nurse, these services are available to all and no appointments are needed.
  • Most centres are open 365 days a year and outside office hours.
  • Deal with minor illnesses and injuries rather than long-term conditions or life-threatening problems.
  • Some centres also offer access to doctors as well as nurses.

Minor injury units

  • Deal with minor injuries such as broken bones, sprains, burns and scalds.
  • Allow A&E staff to concentrate on more serious injuries and conditions.
  • Can help you avoid a long wait for a minor treatment in A&E.
  • Some minor injury units and walk-in centres do not have facilities to treat young children.

Our receptionists, Owen and Chelsea have efficient access to the computer and will book your appointments whether they are minor injuries or greater issues. They will ask you to fill out a form for the disabilities, age, race and name of the child. (See down below)

Apart from our doctor and hospitals, there is also an optometrist and a dentist. Our three dentists are Maya, Riley and Lucas. They are equally qualified and have especially trained through the process. Our optometrists are Zoe, Danielle, Collin and Leo. You can also book these appointments through the reception.

If you are not able to transport the injured child to the medical centre, please ring our hospital and we will send the ambulance therefore they will solve your issues. Our ambulance is not yellow and blue, however it is blue and purple. 

Our form to join the centre is:

Your name:

Child’s name/age/DOB: 


Disabilities or Allergies:


Our hospital form for an injury or a checkup is:

Your name: 
Child name/Gender:

Star: Evie/10/15/05/2006Gender: Female

Disabilities or allergies: Wheelchair

Other: Sensitive hearing

Katie: Poppy/4/16/08/12
Gender: Female
Disabilities or Allergies: None
Other: None
Hannah: Isla/10/ 15/ 08/ 2006
Gender: Female
Disabilities or Allergies: None
Other: None
Your name: Hannah
Child name/Gender: Isla,F
Age/DOB: 10,15/8/06
Disability: None
Injury: Check up
House/Street:11 Moonlight Avenue
Time: 4:00
Other: None

5 thoughts on “Spring Fountain Medical Centre and Hospital

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  1. Your name:Hannah

    Child’s name/age/DOB: Isla,10,15/8/06


    Disabilities or Allergies:none



  2. Your name:Hannah
    Child name/Gender:Isla,F
    Injury:check up
    House/Street:11 Moonlight Avenue
    Time:don’t mind


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