Lilly Adoption Centre

-Children in the adoption process:

  • Aidan with Megan
  • Chloe with Hannah

-Children successfully adopted:

  • Willow and Elena (By Coralie)
  • Allie and Alex (By Star)

-Children to be adopted:


Aidan (02/02) is the typical type of teenager and 13 year old who loves to be alone and is a computer addict. He loves to code and game and is constantly asking for the newest game. He hates sports and is quite smart though he doesn’t let out how smart he really is,he’s quite insecure and has emotional problems such as Panic disorder and will occasionally go into a panic attack about his insecurities,very very rarely he’ll get too stressed about a game and may have a panic attack over it. He hates going outside and I am pushing him to be out for half an hour every day to have a break from computer screens. He’s a smart,clever and most of the time, helpful boy although he mostly has to be forced to help when he doesn’t want to


Matthew (9/12)is the typical 10 year old boy and loves to be muddy, his favourite sport is basketball and would love to see a real match one day and join a team. He hates any type of girly thing and refuses to even look at gymnastics-he hates it with a passion! He loves green and his favourite food is pizza,if he could he would eat pizza every day. Matthew is a kind,boisterous,funny boy and he doesn’t like getting fussed over like a baby! Although he seems confident he has trouble making friends and gets quite upset over it. He needs a lot love and encouragement and support. He’d like someone else to play with also

Alisha is a 9 year old (20/04) and hates to be the centre of attention, she loves to read and build Lego, she doesn’t really like to be outside but if she does go outside she’ll most likely be reading out in the sun. She’s quite shy in making new friends but when she does start to make friends, she makes them quite easily as she’s kind,friendly and helpful and she listens and tries to help everyone if they have a problem. She works very hard in school work and wants to do very well and she knows that she has a long way to go to get the job she wants; a teacher, this doesn’t seem to discourage her though. She also loves Musicals; her favourite being Matilda. She’d love a family to be with and to go to see musicals with.

Bella is a boisterous 7 year old (29/09) and loves to play football although she love to play with Barbie’s, it’s one of her favourite things. Bella hates the colour pink,she prefers purple or coral. She loves being the centre of attention and loves to be a leader. She always wants to do things that children older than her would do, for example she’d love to be in charge of everyone when the adult has to do something. Although she seems quite confident she gets scared when going to meet new people. She’s quite smart and can pick things up quite quickly, she loves Science and Maths but hates English. She quite enjoys painting and would love to become an artist. She’s friendly but doesn’t really help unless you tell her to

Ryan is a 7 year old (05/01) and is very gentle and kind. He hates it when anyone shouts. He’s very sensitive and when he’s tired he can become a little bit whiny. He loves to be looked after and he loves to chase a football around, he doesn’t mind playing on his own and depending on his mood he can become independent if he’s encouraged. He has a bit of a stutter and is genuinely shy around new children and will need a bit of encouragement to make some new friends. He loves to be read stories. He can’t go to sleep without Bo Bo, his monkey teddy. If you don’t let him have it at bedtime he will not go to sleep and will cry as it’s his comfort. Often if he’s in a situation he’s not quite comfortable with, he’ll suck his thumb.


Chloe is a quite,funny,kind and helpful 7 year old (23/04). She normally keeps herself to herself and is always trying her best at everything even though she finds it tough because of her dyslexia. She likes to read a short chapter out of a book each nice and is working towards reading longer chapter books. She loves to help out with younger children like Willow and Elena but they normally play together and follow instructions well so don’t need help. She really wants to be a teacher but has low confidence in that because of her dyslexia. She has a passion for colouring and loves Sylvanian families and usually spends her pocket money on that.

Sophia is a lovable 4 year old (16/11). She loves Disney, in fact she’s obsessed. She loves all the Disney princesses and loves to play with them everyday. She also loves Barbie and Sylvanian families. She is the most girly girl you’ll probably ever meet. She loves pink and purple and loves to paint and dance and sing. She tries very hard to get better at reading because she loves stories. She quite easily pleased and is easily entertained. She loves to play with anyone whether that’s a sibling or a grown up. She loving,kind friendly and is always willing to help. She has quite a good sense of humour and is mostly trying to make everyone laugh and happy, she doesn’t like anyone to be sad and if they are and she can’t make them happy that has a bad impact on her. She’d love someone to play with.

~Important information~

-Adoption meeting dates:

  • 18/4: Hannah and Chloe’s Centre meeting (Script needed!!) 
  • 20/4: Megan and Aidan’s Sleepover (Script needed!!) 
  • 20/4: Hannah and Chloe’s Day out (Script needed!!) 
  • 22/4: Megan and Aidan’s Final meeting/ interview (Script needed!!) 
  • 25/4: Hannah and Chloe’s Sleepover (Script needed)  
  • 27/4: Hannah and Chloe’s Final meeting/ interview  (Script needed) 


1. Meeting at the centre 

2. Day out 

3. Sleepover 

4. Final meeting/ interview


Final meeting questions:

-Do you still want to adopt them?

-Will you change their name?

-How did they react to your other children? (Only if you have any other)

-Why do you want to adopt them?

-Do they have somewhere private and personal to them? (E.g.Bedroom)

-Do they have sources of entertainment? (

-Will you be having family time? If so what would you be doing?

-Will you be having 1 on 1 time? If so what would you be doing?

I’d also ask the child these questions:

-What do you like about _____?

-What’s the worst thing about ______?

-What are you most excited for? 

-Do you still want to be adopted by ______?
I’d then decide whether you’re fit to adopt that child.


Layout of the centre:

(See picture above)

The person who will look after the children,in the morning,night and whenever I can’t be there is made up; She’s called Ellie and she’s 26 and really kind but can handle difficult behaviour,I will do scripts with her in if I’m not there and need to do an script for some reason 



Bedroom 1- 

Bedroom 2- 

Bedroom 3- 

Bedroom 4-Aidan

Bedroom 5-Matthew 

Bedroom 6-Ryan 

Bedroom 7-Alisha

Bedroom 8-Bella

Bedroom 9-Chloe 

Bedroom 10-Sophia

-Other information 

Each child will be given 10 bits each week as pocket money. They will receive 10 bits if they’re good all week and every day they disobey they get 3 bits removed from their pocket money
In each room there is a single bed, a bedside table, a lamp,a wardrobe, a desk, and a toy chest. They’ll also receive a suitcase of their choice of colour
When they arrive, each child is given a 150 bits voucher to spend on Clothes, toys and other bedroom furniture.


32 thoughts on “Lilly Adoption Centre

Add yours

  1. Heyyy Katie!

    I’d like to adopt Aidan if that’s okay.

    1. Meeting at the Centre – 15/04
    2. Day Out – 18/04
    3. Sleepover – 20/04
    4. Final Meeting/Interview – 22/04

    I’ll be ordering from the furniture shop in a sec BTW soooo….

    Or maybe in the morning as it is like midnight lol



  2. Can I please adopt Allie and Alex?

    1. Meeting at the centre: 15/04/17
    2. Day out 16/04/17
    3. Sleepover 17/04/17
    4. Final meeting/ interview 18/04/17


  3. It’s a busy day today guys.
    @meganshelby08 it’s yours and Aidan’s day out @mickeychocolate it’s yours and Chloe’s first meeting
    @coralcuriouskangaroo @star203 it’s you and your children’s final meeting. In your script you have to put me as asking the questions and obviously you put your answer and you have to put the children’s answers to their questions also. DO NOT put my answer for whether you can officially adopt those children or not, after I’ve read the script, I will decide. If I’ve said you can adopt those children, you can pick them up the next day or arrange a different date to pick them up



  4. @meganshelby08 I still need your scripts for your meet ups with Aidan. If you want you don’t even have to do scripts you could just put like a summary instead of what you did and how Aidan reacted, you’d have to do the script for the final review but that wouldn’t even be much of a script, just questions and answers

    @coralcuriouskangaroo and @star203 please make sure you have your children’s personality description noted down because I’m deleting them on Monday at 7pm.



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