Sunny Cottage Resort


Here at Sunny Cottage Resort, we have the best service out of all. We include a buffet dinner, a bed and breakfast and the jazziest holiday suggestions. You can also stay at the Sunny Cottage Resort whilst a house or room is getting done or a family stayaway.

Beside this extravagant hotel, Citrus, our local restaurant also delivers it’s finest breakfast meals. In addition to this, you can also devour their mouth-watering cuisines. 

Our staff are young teenagers who have excelled from our local school in cooking and computing. Our maintenance staff are incredibly supportive and ensure that our bedrooms are magnificent. If you have any concerns please report to the front desk, most preferably Archie. He will sort out your problems.

In total, there are 60 rooms therefore lots of people can stay. In each room there are king size beds. A TV is also available, a couch, one bathroom with a sink, shower, toilet and mirror, a radiator and a lamp on a bedside table. These are regularly cleaned after every visit. 

Per Night

One adult: 20 Bits

One child: 15 Bits

One pet: 17 Bits

(This includes everything as in food and sleeping too!)

There are different room types such as single, double and accessible consequently they would have a disability access too. They could also have a cot too if they are a baby. 

In the gardens, there is space for a barbecue which we have at special occasions. A picnic section is also available. In addition to this, there are special bookings for birthday celebrations. They only cost 5 Bits per child and 7 Bits per adult.

How to book: 

Name of adult(s): 

Name of children and age: 

Cot needed: 

Choice of room:

Number of rooms:


Number of Days: 

Thank you and we hope you enjoy your time at Sunny Cottage Resort!  





24 thoughts on “Sunny Cottage Resort

Add yours

  1. Name of adult(s): Hannah

    Name of children and age: none

    Cot needed: no

    Choice of room:single

    Number of rooms:1 and then a bathroom so 2



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  2. Heyyyyyy

    Name of adult(s): Megan
    Name of children and age: NA
    Cot needed: Nope
    Choice of room: Single
    Number of rooms: 1
    Date: 13/04/17
    Number of Days: 4



  3. Hey, I forgot to do a form for last night so pretend this is from last night
    Name of adult(s): 1
    Name of children and age: 0(yet)
    Cot needed: nope
    Choice of room: single
    Number of rooms: 1 (and the bathroom)
    Date: 12/4/17
    Number of Days: 4



    1. God I really shouldn’t do,forms in the morning, I just don’t read them 😂, I’ll re do it with the right information:
      Name of adult(s): Katie
      Name of children and age: N/A (yet)
      Cot needed: Nope
      Choice of room: Single
      Number of rooms: 1
      Number of Days: 4

      There that’s better 😂



  4. Hey, I forgot to check in Evie and Ethan and now, I’m also adding Allie and Alex just for one day. Sorry.

    Name of adult(s): Star

    Name of children and age: Evie, Ethan, Alex and Allie. 10

    Cot needed: No

    Choice of room: Single

    Number of rooms: 3

    Date: From the 13th.

    Number of Days: 9


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