Fun Times

If you want to take part, make up a nickname like TheΒ Joker or The Weirdo and join in with the activities. There will also be like a mini book club and a music or movie suggestion thing too. You don’t have to do anything if you don’t really want to.

To keep this going, recommend this site to others and therefore we will find more people.

There are only two rules:

1) No arguments. Just chill.

2) Keep it child appropriate

My nickname: The Footballer



Katie: The Bookworm

Megan: The Gamer

Clara: The Book Writer


76 thoughts on “Fun Times

Add yours

    1. Hi Star

      Welcome me and Coralie run this but everyone has their own voice on here

      May I ask, how did you find us?


      Hannah (Spiky πŸ˜‰)


    1. You go onto the page settings

      -left on the top
      -To this page
      -Then people
      -Then add people
      -Then however you want to add

      Hope this helps



      1. Her name is Rosie
        My name is Sadie Alexander.
        I saw your message but I don’t have one.I used my sister’s email and she won’t let me use it again


  1. @star203

    Hi,I am sorry I have not been on, family stuff and I know you may not trust me now but please if there is anything I can do to make it up to you

    Katie:So sorry about the scripts I’ll post them as soon as I can.Also sorry for letting Rosebud academy down

    Coralie:Sorry I have not sent you the Pet shop stuff

    Star:I will try and get my pet shop up as soon as possible

    SA:Hi nice to meet you my name is Hannah



    1. Hey, when have I EVER said you’ve let me down? I’m really upset that you think that, a little tip for the future, if you can just say that you might not be on for a little bit but not to worry and you’re fine.
      It’s ok, we all understand that’s why you’re our friend! Why wouldn’t we trust you?



      1. I guess,never

        Yeah sorry

        Because I have missed loads of scripts and I am not acting like I should be head of Rosebud Academy



      2. Please, stop saying sorry, you don’t need to.
        It’s going to be a bit mixed up and crazy at times but it’s the holidays and I’m sure as soon at the school terms start it’ll get better


    2. It’s okay, we all do trust you and we always will. If school is causing problems, then you have to report to your parents, teacher or a responsible adult. When my best friend got bullied, she told me and I told a teacher and she was all sorted out. Please don’t think that we don’t trust you.


      1. So Sorry!!!

        My friend is round after the party got we went to and I went to the toilet and left it on here and she must have commented

        So sorry


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